Nefris modules


Nefrophrological information system - basic module (core)


NEFRIS store management


module for on-line communication with dialysis monitors (On-line monitoring)


module for on-line organization and monitoring of a complete dialysis shift



Health Insurance-CZ

Processing of data on provided care for insurance companies in the CR

Health Insurance-SK

Processing of data on provided care for insurance companies in the SR


web-based remote administration of the NEFRIS system


statistical module (RDP, AIS, Euclid…)
Nefris HD complete system

The above scheme documents complete coverage of all task and activities in everyday routine work of a dialysis centre by the NEFRIS system. Implementing the complete system effectively eliminates any „paper work”. Printouts are thus made only as required by local regulation(s) on documentation in health care. Although full strength of NEFRIS becomes evident when all its modules are used, even separate implementation of individual modules greatly facilitates work and increases its safety and comfort.

The interface for direct data download from the dialysis monitors is available for majority of currently marketed types. Data from dialysis monitors can be displayed on any centre PC, both for an individual dialysis station or as an overview for the whole occupancy of the running shift. Downloaded data is filtered according to the predefined criteria and then automatically inserted into dialysis records.

The NEF.SM module is an example of complete coverage of a particular area, in this case stock management. All the information about used material and devices are recorded in interrelation with patient health care documentation. The system thus provides an immediate overview of expenses spent by the health care facility for all the care provided for a given patient. Also a list of LOT numbers of all materials used for a particular patient can be generated. Data on all disposable materials can be entered via a Pocket PC (PDA) right at the bedside. NEFRIS stock management module includes an ordering system, which generates orders on the basis of patients dialysis prescriptions for the defined time period. Stock balance can be made also for any future time intervals. In such case, the system generates a closing balance for the current date and prepares a forcast for the future according to the patient documentation in the centre database.